We treat every property with as much care as if it were our own.

SnoWhite Water Blasting can tackle almost any kind of outdoor cleaning project – just try us! Rid mildew from your home or your business. From selling your house to a pre-paint clean we can do anything to put the twinkle back into your freshly washed property.

This means we vow to leave your property with a sparkling finish after we’ve worked our magic with our top-end water blasting equipment. Every job we undertake, big or small, will be completed to the highest quality.

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Our wide range of washing services can be suited to almost any surface outside and around the home and commercial buildings, schools and body corps. If the surface is delicate we will use a soft wash accordingly.

Environmentally Friendly

The environment is so important. So we do our very best to take care of it. We use eco-friendly products when washing your property so harsh chemicals aren’t being washed down the drain.

Services we provide:

Commercial Building Wash Auckland

First impressions are essential when it comes to how a future customer evaluates your business. You want to give them the perception that you are clean, organised and know exactly what you’re doing. That’s the kind of impression they’ll get from a spotless commercial building.

If you have dirt, road grime, lichen and moss hanging off every surface they’ll be hesitant to approach your building, let alone go in and use your services. Investing in a clean appearance is worth the time it takes to call us up and the reasonable cost of our commercial building wash Auckland services.

Roof Washing Auckland

The air pollution of a city will eventually degrade and dirty your building into a state of disrepair. By letting us provide building and industrial roof cleaning as part of your building maintenance schedule, your building’s appearance will be rejuvenated and you’ll end up saving money in the long run from unnecessary repairs and restoration.

SnoWhite uses environmentally friendly products and top of the line equipment when commercial roof cleaning to get your business looking spick and span. We can reach those out-of-reach nooks and crannies that are very rarely cleaned by anybody else.

Getting a yearly commercial building wash is ideal to protect the exterior surfaces from the elements. We can factor that into an annual maintenance schedule for you so you don’t even have to remember to call us.

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